About Dr. Jay Marshall Weiss, DVMAbout

Clam Gulch, Alaska. June 1974. An English setter puppy named Oatmeal had gotten loose and discovered discarded salmon intestines at a dump on the grounds of an Alaskan fish cannery. She quickly became severely ill. Her young owner was told that a drug called tetracycline could help save her life, and he was able to obtain some, which he administered to his sick five month old pet.

This long haired young man had earlier hitchhiked from Kingston, NY to Anchorage, Alaska, with a backpack and puppy Oatmeal in tow. They later on stowed away on a ferry boat to Portland, Oregon, and continued thumbing their way across America, their trip ending a year later. That young man continues to administer medication to pets. His hair, however, has mostly fallen out or has turned grey and oatmeal is a breakfast cereal.

Before becoming a veterinarian, Dr Weiss graduated Cornell University and was a labor organizer: another way of giving help to those whose voice could not be heard or understood.

Dr. Weiss established the Airport Veterinary Center in early 1982 after several years of mostly dairy cow practice. He is a vegan. Among his greatest joys is helping his clients maintain the optimum health of their beloved family pets. He has two children: Leah, who is a medical assistant in New York City, and Hannah, who is a nurse at Westchester Medical Center. He lives with a talkative African-American female: she is an African Grey Parrot who was born in New Jersey. He also has two Buff Orpington hens in his back yard, as well as several fiberglass goats to protect them. He enjoys riding his bicycle and sailing his old boat on the Hudson.

About Julia SperlingAbout

Julia has been working at Airport Vet Center since August of 2022. She was born and raised in NeW York,she originally grew up in Kingston and Woodstock then came to the Poughkeepsie area Where she attended Arlington High School and was the graduate of class 2020!

She’s always had a love for animals and their well-being since she was a little girl. She currently has 2 dogs named Sasha, a chubby spoiled mini poodle and Chewie who is just a pup that she rescued as a former patient he is a Mini Schnauzer and she loves her dogs more than anything!

She knew she always wanted to do something with animals, always saying she was going to be a veterinarian. One of her first jobs in high school was a vet assistant and that’s where her passion for helping animals began, she then found Dr.Weiss and the team at Airport Veterinary Center a couple years later and absolutely loves her job.

About Henry                          About

Henry is our loud and proud house cat! He is the sweetest and friendliest 16 year old cat you will ever meet he is such a ham.He was previously a patient here and has now retired living here since. You are promised to be suffocated with hugs and cuddle as soon as you step through the door from this giant fur-ball of love!