About Dr. Jay Marshall Weiss, DVM

AboutClam Gulch, Alaska. June 1974. An English setter puppy named Oatmeal had gotten loose and discovered discarded salmon intestines at a dump on the grounds of an Alaskan fish cannery. She quickly became severely ill. Her young owner was told that a drug called tetracycline could help save her life, and he was able to obtain some, which he administered to his sick five month old pet.

This long haired young man had earlier hitchhiked from Kingston, NY to Anchorage, Alaska, with a backpack and puppy Oatmeal in tow. They later on stowed away on a ferry boat to Portland, Oregon, and continued thumbing their way across America, their trip ending a year later. That young man continues to administer medication to pets. His hair, however, has mostly fallen out or has turned grey and oatmeal is a breakfast cereal.

Before becoming a veterinarian, Dr Weiss graduated Cornell University and was a labor organizer: another way of giving help to those whose voice could not be heard or understood.

Dr. Weiss established the Airport Veterinary Center in early 1982 after several years of mostly dairy cow practice. He is a vegan. Among his greatest joys is helping his clients maintain the optimum health of their beloved family pets. He has two children: Leah, who is a medical assistant in New York City, and Hannah, who is a nurse at Westchester Medical Center. He lives with a talkative African-American female: she is an African Grey Parrot who was born in New Jersey. He also has two Buff Orpington hens in his back yard, as well as several fiberglass goats to protect them. He enjoys riding his bicycle and sailing his old boat on the Hudson.

About Stephanie LaPlante

Stephanie LaPlante has been working at Airport Vet Center since May of ’06. She was born and raised in Texas, the big ol’ city of Dallas, and lived there until the age of 16. She then moved to New York with her parents so that her mother could go to the Culinary Institute.

She’s always had a love for animals and their well-being since she was a little girl, always bringing home stray cats as a child, which her mother didn’t really appreciate but she allowed it. She currently has 3 cats, 1 dog, and a red foot tortoise named Shelby. All have a different personality!

She knew she always wanted to do something with animals, always saying she was going to be a veterinarian. While Stephanie went through different phases of career aspirations (as any growing child/teenager does) she always had the need to help and work with animals in her heart. During her junior year in high school she got a job at a pet store and worked there for nearly 4 years. She learned a lot about different breeds and also got to assist the veterinarian that would come in once a week. Then along came Dr. Weiss and the job opening he had. Dr. Weiss and Stephanie developed a well-oiled working relationship and she realized this was it. This job as well as business and owner were “the one.” She now refers to herself as a “lifer.”

About Boots and Simon

Simon and Boots are the AVC house cats! Simon has been with us for the past 6 years now and Boots is our newest addition.


AboutSimon is an older cat that you instantly fall in love with. He wants nothing more than to just be pet and loved and nuzzled. You will most likely find him either sleeping in his bed or up on the counter desperately trying to get your attention to pet him. Simon was born in May of ’02 and was originally one of our client’s pets however the owner’s situation changed and he needed to board Simon as well as two other pets for an extended amount of time.

The owner eventually decided that he was going to have to give them all up for adoption. The other two pets were claimed by a family member and we had already attached ourselves to Simon. Dr. Weiss and Simon formed their own special unbreakable bond and since then he has been a part of the AVC family.


AboutBoots is our 12 year old “fat cat.” Brought into us because he no longer fit into the household he was living in, we instantly felt the connection to him as he rubbed up against our legs after knowing us for only 10 minutes. We decided to help our client out by keeping him here with us, trying to find a new home for him.

When Boots came to us, he was a whopping 30 pounds! After being with us for several months now and being on a strict diet, he is on a steady weight loss program and getting more and more svelte as the weeks progress. Of course, as we took care of him and kept his health in mind, we fell in love with him, and Simon became his buddy. He is ours now!