Veterinary care is an important part of pet ownership, and regular preventative care can help keep your pet happy and healthy for a long time. Regular visits to the vet also ensure that any health issues your pet has been caught early when treatment options are most promising.

The first step to finding a suitable veterinarian provider is to ensure he or she sees the type of pet you own. That’s an area where our veterinary clinic shines! Whether you have a dog or cat, exotic pets, pocket pets or birds, we can treat your pet and provide the perfect kind of care for all kinds of animals.

What Services Do Our Veterinarians Provide?

Regular Examinations

Every pet should have an annual examination, and your vet may want to see your pet more frequently under certain circumstances. Having an established relationship with a veterinarian is important for various reasons.

By having an annual examination, you and your veterinarian both know what is normal for your pet. Knowing what is normal for your pet allows you to recognize small changes, and determine if they are a cause for concern.

Having an established relationship with a vet is also beneficial in case your pet suddenly becomes sick or injured. Having a veterinarian that you already trust and who knows your pet means your pet gets the treatment he or she needs more quickly.


Vaccinations are an important part of regular health maintenance for your pet. We can help you determine the best immunization protocol for your pet, and provide reminders to keep you on schedule. Common vaccinations for dogs include canine parvovirus, adenovirus, canine distemper and rabies. Common vaccinations for cats include feline leukemia, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and rabies.

Spay and Neuter Procedures

Spaying and neutering is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. Overpopulation is a very real problem that causes suffering for a lot of unwanted cats and dogs, and you can do your part by spaying and neutering your pets. Spaying and neutering also have positive effects on your pet’s overall health. We make the process as fast and easy as possible for your pet.

Heartworm Treatment

It is important to screen for heartworm and provide preventative medicine, because heartworm infections are often fatal! Heartworm is a parasitic worm spread by mosquitoes. Heartworm infections can remain dormant after infection for 6 months or longer, and the only effective way to screen for heartworm infection is with a blood test.

Treatment For Other Parasites

Regular veterinary care helps protect your pet from parasites other than heartworm. Hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and roundworms are all common parasites. Parasitic infection can lead to weight loss, diarrhea, poor growth, itchiness and loss of appetite, so it is important to detect and treat parasitic infections as soon as possible.


Hopefully, your pet will not need surgical treatment, aside from the standard spay or neutering procedures. If so, it will probably be a stressful situation, so it is good to have a veterinary that you can trust. Our veterinary clinic’s staff members are experienced in administering anesthesia and can help ensure it is provided in a safe and controlled environment. They can also provide pain management to help your pet recover in a low-stress environment.

Dental Care

Your pet will benefit from regular dental care. While you may just want to avoid doggy breath, dental problems in dogs and cats can lead to far greater issues. Tooth loss due to disease makes it challenging for your pet to eat a healthy diet, while gum disease can spread to other parts of the body and attack major organs. Let us provide the veterinary dental care your pet needs to avoid these problems.

Grooming and Boarding Services

A veterinary hospital knows and understands pets. Leaving your pet is hard, but you can rest easy knowing you are leaving him in the care of a professional. Whether you are leaving for vacation or just need someone to bath and groom him, letting people who are experienced and trained in pet care handle the process should give you peace of mind.

Other Services

It is important to note that all veterinarian hospitals do not offer all services. If your pet becomes very ill or is injured after normal business hours it may be necessary to visit an emergency animal clinic, such as the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Hudson Valley that we helped found. We can provide you with the contact information for this emergency vet clinic. We hope you never need it, but it is good to have this information on hand in case you do!

As a full service veterinary hospital, we are equipped with the latest tools for both diagnosis and treatment. With everything from veterinary dentistry to surgery, and serving many types of animals, we’re here to help keep your pets in the best of health.

It is important to find a veterinary facility that you trust while your pets are healthy, because finding a healthcare provider and making important decisions is that much more difficult during a stressful time. Choose our Wappingers Falls animal hospital for the best, most compassionate care for your beloved animal friends.