Pet owners want their pets to be as healthy and happy as possible. This includes good home care like exercise, reliable food, and a safe pet-proofed environment.

It also includes veterinary care. A trusted veterinarian is more than someone you count on to help your pets when they are sick. Your vet is also a dependable source of caring, insight and experience for any pet owners who want their pets to live healthier, happier lives. If you’ve been looking for the best pet care in LaGrange, you owe it to yourself and your pet to contact Airport Veterinary Center.

We enjoy working with pet owners to help their pets live a full life, and we love meeting the variety of pets that bring so much love and joy into the lives of families and individuals.

Veterinary Services We Offer La Grange Pet Owners

Our veterinary services cover a wide range of diagnostic, surgical, emergency, and routine medical treatments. We believe in a caring approach that utilizes the latest understanding of animal health. We also stay up to date on the technology and medical practices that save lives.

The veterinary services we offer include everything from spaying and neutering to veterinary dentistry, grooming, boarding, lab services and radiology, surgery and emergency vet services, and alternative medicine. We’re here to do whatever we can to keep your beloved companion animals healthy and happy as long as possible.

Perhaps a favorite pet has become injured or sick. Perhaps they’re about to give birth to a litter of puppies or kittens. Whatever your need may be, the staff at Airport Veterinary Center provides compassionate pet care that makes a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them.

Kinds of Animals We Treat

Our veterinary care specializes in canine and feline patients, but pet owners can contact us about other kinds of pets in addition to dogs and cats. Our facilities provide veterinary care for immediate accident and illness-related situations. We also provide an annual exam, routine treatments, and other routine preventative care that improves pet health. We’re available to answer any questions that pet owners have, or we will recommend concerned pet owners to someone who has the proper facilities for their specific situation.

Young pets, breeding pets, aging pets, and every pet in between are all welcome at our veterinary center near La Grange.

What You Can Do as a Pet Owner

Sometimes veterinary services treat pet owners as obstacles that impede the medical care of animal patients. We believe that owners bring specialized knowledge and observation to the treatment of their dogs and cats, and that veterinarians and pet owners can work together to keep animals healthy and happy.

Many diagnoses and treatments, in fact, rely on the information that owners bring with them. We appreciate owners who:

  • Maintain veterinary records of their own, especially if they use more than one veterinary service
  • Provide exercise and good food for their pets
  • Interact with their pets to build trusting relationships
  • Provide their pets with regular care such as vaccinations, routine dental care, annual exams, grooming, etc.
  • Engage with veterinarians as partners in their pet’s health
  • Make a pet first aid kit and learn how to use it

Routine Care and More Urgent Issues

Routine care includes an annual examination. The pet may need their vaccinations updated and a follow-up on past medical history. The basic exam establishes a baseline understanding of that particular pet’s health and behaviors. It helps to use the same veterinarian to build continuity and familiarity between patient and doctor. We’ve seen many animals that have become accustomed to their regular vet visits and became more cooperative as a result.

Pet owners can ask questions about everything from little issues to confusing behaviors or serious concerns. Our vets and staff members enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping owners carry that over into the pet’s home life. This goes a long way towards helping families and the pets they love.

Emergency Services

Emergency situations, on the other hand, probably won’t allow for the casual exchange of information. Vets need to hear what pet owners have to say, and also need to perform their own diagnoses and begin treatment quickly.

Owners can be calm around their pet, listen to the medical personnel, and trust the pet to their care. Calling ahead to prepare the veterinarian can reduce interruptions in emergency care and speed up the treatment process. This then lets the vet quickly reduce suffering and stop complications from setting in.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Pet owners represent the first line defense for their pets. Providing a pet-proof environment prevents many injuries and ailments. A fenced yard, safely stored cleaners, and a predictable household routine all make the day better for everyone.

Certain times of year have their particular challenges. Outdoor accidents occur during warmer weather. Holiday seasons change the routine of many households. Pets encounter items like tempting decorations or rich foods. Take time to have a discussion at home, or ask us some questions. Communicating with your vet can help you prevent problems from little inconveniences to serious tragedies.

Call us or use our website today to schedule an appointment. We’re looking forward to becoming an important part of your pet’s health and happiness!