COVID-19 Update

Mar 23 2020

Veterinary hospitals are among the essential services still available in New York during the COVID-19 epidemic. In order to continue to function, we need to protect each other from contagion. We have devised a protocol that minimizes human contact while maximizing our ability to provide professional help for your family pet. Although these procedures will evolve with time, please familiarize yourself with these easily accomplished steps so that everyone will remain as safe as possible during this terrible viral outbreak. Please call the office when you are in the parking lot. Remain in your car. Stephanie will pick up the…

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Dog Ear Disease

Apr 11 2018

If your dog has an infected ear, maybe with yeast or bacteria or ear mites, he is not alone. The most common ear disease, otitis externa, which means inflammation of the external ear canal, is among the most frequent reasons to seek veterinary care. We will discuss this particular set of conditions shortly. Additionally we will briefly describe some other ear disorders, too. If you take away nothing else, understand that otitis externa is a clinical sign rather than a primary disease. It indicates something is a amiss, like an itch or cough or rapid heart rate or a smoky…

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Dog Diarrhea (All You Need To Know)

Dec 04 2017

“What should I do when my dog has diarrhea?” What’s my next step? Definitely not onto that area of the lawn or floor. We will address bloody diarrhea and puppy diarrhea as well.

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