Proper medical care is important for every member of your family, including our pets. Don’t let the word “veterinary” confuse you: What we offer is the very best medical care for your companion animals, and it’s vitally important for their health and happiness.

When most people think of a visit to the veterinarian, they imagine a routine visit with the annual vaccinations against diseases like rabies and distemper. Those are definitely important services, but from our perspective, they’re also a vital tool in getting to know you and your pets. During those annual visits, we learn about your pet’s health history and personality, so that if there are ever any other needs we’ll have to address, we’ll be familiar with everyone.

Veterinary care is a very broad field. It covers many different specialties, and unlike you’ve probably seen with your own medical care, specialized veterinary care is usually accessed from the same veterinarian your pet visits for routine treatments and visits. As a full-service clinic, we can take care of all those needs for your pet.

As a full-service animal hospital serving Poughkeepsie and the nearby area, here are just a few of the vet services we can provide:

Dental Care

Good oral health for your pet, including regular cleanings at the vet’s office, will preserve more than just teeth. It will also guard against potentially serious illness. The mouth is a very vulnerable area for pets, one that can allow many dangerous bacteria into the body. During your appointment with us, your pet’s teeth will be checked and we’ll discuss the possible need for a dental cleaning.

Sick Visits

Just like the rest of us, pets become ill from time to time. It’s important to get to know us before that happens so that your visit can be more productive, more efficient, and get your pet back to feeling great as soon as possible! We’ll review all your pet’s symptoms and signs to make a determination of what’s going on, and then we’ll be able to prescribe treatments and medications that will get your treasured friend feeling better again.

Diagnostic Work

Health issues in pets can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose because animals can’t describe their symptoms. That makes it necessary to do a little more detective work to track down problems, and because we can perform those services on site, you won’t spend all day driving from clinic to clinic.

Veterinary Surgery

Most pets need some type of surgery during their lives, even if it’s just a spay or neuter procedure. A comprehensive veterinary care practice like ours can provide these services with uninterrupted, caring attention to your pet’s needs from the same veterinarian who handles routine care.

Animal Hospital Service

In addition to the procedures themselves, we can also take care of admitting your pet for whatever overnight stays may be necessary. We’re animal lovers too, and we will provide compassionate attention to your companion until it’s time to discharge him or her to go back home with you. That includes making sure that all nutritional and medical needs are properly managed while keeping an eye out for any changes in your pet’s condition that could impact recovery.

The Full Range of Species

For decades, cats and dogs have dominated the pet population. However, more and more animals are gaining in popularity. In addition to our canine and feline friends, there are also birds, snakes, rodents, turtles, lizards, and many other animals who are beloved family members just like those more traditional pets. We can provide veterinary care for them too!

Parasite and Pest Management

Pets get exposed to many different unpleasant pests, from simple fleas and ticks to parasitic worms. The symptoms can range from annoying to dangerous.

Wherever your pet falls on that spectrum, we’re here to help. Flea collars and treatments for flea allergy can reduce your pet’s summertime misery, and we can also dose your friend with the needed medication to control worms.

A Comfortable and Calming Environment

Many pets get anxious at the veterinary clinic. It’s natural. They’ve had to ride in the car to a place they don’t recognize, surrounded by strange faces, new smells and unfamiliar animals. We understand the importance of keeping your pet comfortable and relaxed, so we’ll always have a clean, calm exam room for your pet to settle down before her or his appointment. This will make it less stressful for everyone and more productive for your pet’s visit.

Good veterinary care can do so much to increase your pet’s quality of life. We can diagnose minor problems before they become more serious. We can treat injuries from the most trivial to the most severe. We’ll take care of preventing diseases and chronic conditions that can shorten your pet’s life, giving you and your pet many enjoyable years together.

Don’t wait until your pet gets sick. If you’ve been searching for a reliable Poughkeepsie veterinarian, look no further — make an appointment with us today for a checkup. We’ll get to know you and your pet, and we’ll make sure that you’re on track with the appropriate vaccinations and other treatment to keep them purring, wagging, chirping or otherwise showing that they feel great!