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Max’s “Eastern” Journey

Our dog Max is a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel that has been introduced to Eastern Medicine! Please read on…

After a long and debilitating course of antibiotics, various medications, and a very grim diagnosis that was given to Max by his previous Veterinarian, I knew that I had to do everything possible to help my sweet dog. At my sister-in-law’s recommendation, I sought out Dr. Weiss and the Airport Veterinary Center. She had spoke very highly of him, as he treated their precious dog Jack, for many years.

Our first visit was a surprise, we brought him there not knowing what to expect, and thinking what could possibly be different then what we had already been told, or better yet, what has always been the traditional “Western” medicine treatment. (Max was in very poor health, he was being treated for Liver Disease, his paw’s were deteriorating, they were hard and sloughing off, his nose was cracked, he was at most times lethargic, not wanting to eat. I had been bringing him to his previous Vet 1 to 2 times a week.) Dr. Weiss listened to what I had described, all of what Max had been experiencing, his symptoms, his treatments, etc. Then, he examined him…first by feeling his pulse in his hind “groin” leg area and looking at his tongue color (and many other observations that we were not aware of). Then he proceeded to tell us about two different types of treatments, our most commonly known, “Western Medicine” and what we do not commonly know (here in the West)….”Eastern Medicine”. Dr. Weiss is a gentle, compassionate person, with a “quick wit”…the education that he provided us with regarding “Eastern Medicine” was informative and, though we were unsure of acupuncture, diet and herbal treatment , we trusted him. He went on to show us a chart of “classifications” as we described Max’s behavior, personality type, etc. when he was healthy. After the information was given, the exam almost complete, he then took Max’s blood, waiting until the end of the visit so that he did not make him uncomfortable. That in itself, made me feel so comfortable, that Dr. had taken into consideration how important it is to have his patients trust and feel secure with him.
We worked on Max’s diet making sure to have him eating what “fits” his Eastern Classification of “Wood”, we set up his acupuncture treatments, that were for treating the liver, and other aspects of his diagnosis. Then he started Max on a Herbal Supplements.

Working over the course of a 4 month period, we saw Max IMPROVE! Though,he was battling infections that he had when we first brought him to Dr. Weiss (skin irritations and an ear infection ) but we did NOT go with the regular course of antibiotics, as Dr. Weiss knew how sensitive he was to them.

Max started to have more energy and was finally alert! First, it was little, subtle changes…he would gain weight, his eyes became brighter, his tongue color changed. I was continually logging/charting his herb’s, taking note of his food intake and his daily habits. At mid-point through his treatment, Dr. Weiss had to anesthetize him and preform a debridement of Max’s feet in order to remove the dead skin. Then we had to hydrate him intravenously. All along, Dr. Weiss worked on adding and removing his Herbal Supplements finding the correct balance that has helped Max’s feet. Dr. Weiss also prescribed a Urea Cream for topical application to his pads.

Max continued on his “Journey” with little steps, becoming a totally different dog. . He has just completed his four month course of Acupuncture. Dr. Weiss was meticulous in his administration, Max was so patient and co-operative, and I believe it was because of his treatment by the Dr. and Stephanie his assistant. (She too, is a wonderful caring individual whom Max is always happy to see! She welcomes everyone as they walk through the door…she is basically Dr. Weiss’ “right and left hand”, haha! )

I truly believe, with the compassion, help and determination that Dr. Weiss has given to Max…the combination of acupuncture, diet, herbal supplements, and of course the Dr.s knowledge of “Eastern” medicine, these have all helped him heal. His paws are are almost 100% healthy! He is eating, his eyes are bright, he is happy, calm and so loved!! We will continue to seek treatment, as needed with Dr. Weiss, Stephanie and the Airport Veterinary Center, as I highly recommend to all who love their animals.

From Diane C.

This was the best experience we’ve ever had at a veterinarian. Dr. Weiss and his wonderful assistant recognized how anxious my Millie (a Chug) was and came up with a great strategy. Needless to say, the check up went fantastic. Also, I would like to emphasize that he does not use a razor for skin scraping…thank you. Overall, I had a great experience, and will permanently make this our family pet center. Anyone who asks me where I take my pet for care, I will say “Airport Veterinary Center” for sure. Thank you.

— Josephine Guaman

“My friend recommended I go see Dr. Weiss at Airport Vet and I’m glad I went. They are very friendly, helpful, and most important, they love animals! Dr. Weiss spent plenty of time with me and my dogs and he definitely seems to know his stuff. Try him out. You won’t be sorry.”

–Emery Lawson, Hyde Park

“I have been coming to Dr. Weiss at Airport Vet for years. I really like the service my pets and I receive. The office is well run, organized, and prompt.”

–Doug Cannon, Wappingers Falls

“I started going to Dr. Weiss because he was conveniently close by my house. The service is great and they are very knowledgeable.”

–Mindy Enochs, Hyde Park

“Wonderful first experience! Vet actively involved my children in the visit and answered all of our questions! We would highly recommend!”

–Kerry DiMeo

“I started to come to Airport Vet Center because it was close to my house. I found the practice to be a great, quiet place to bring my dog too. There’s not too much noise to frighten him and the attention I got was very personalized. The one thing I especially like the most is how Dr. Weiss is there for you day and night. All I have to do is call!”

–Edel Normanly, Wappingers Falls

“Airport Vet Center is a very nice office that is conveniently located on route 376. Dr. Weiss is always available and takes the time to explain things to me fully.”

–Otto Rodzel, Cold Spring

“We bought our little Snoopy from a pet store and they recommended we see Dr. Weiss. We love the service! They are friendly, competent, efficient, and very caring. Dr. Weiss is great with our dog and most important, he loves to take a visit to Airport Vet Center. I would say this office is top notch!”

–Johnna Kelly, Beacon

Always pleasant welcoming. And knowledgeable. Makes my dog and myself feel confident and safe. The environment is always clean.– Susan Maglio

“Life saving excellence for my Shadow and welcomed hand holding for me.”

— Don and Tanya Barnett

“Stephanie and Dr.Weiss are always very accommodating and kind. I needed an appointment as soon as possible, and they came through. Treatment was thorough and very kind.”

— Patty Kenyon

“One of Dr. Weiss’ employees recommended I come see him when my kitten needed her first set of shots. So I did, and found the rest of the staff and Dr. Weiss to be very friendly, not to mention he is very affordable and the visits are quick.”

–Mike Weimann, Poughkeepsie

“Dr. Weiss is awesome! The friendliness and time spent with the patients is amazing. Two thumbs up!”

–Kathy Pagan, Wappingers Falls

“I came to Dr. Weiss’ office after an unpleasant experience at another vet. I found Dr. Weiss to be very caring and compassionate, not only with my pets but to me as well. He makes every visit fun and goes above and beyond the call of duty. I will never change vets and I would only recommend him.”

–Debbie Freymuth, Lagrangeville

“Dr. Weiss and Stephanie always take great care of our kitties. They are patient, kind, caring, thorough, and explain everything. We would never go anywhere else!”

— Ilene Kaswer

“I came to this office because of its convenient location. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Weiss’ knowledge and attitude is excellent. I highly recommend him to anyone.”

–Viktor Gyuris, Wappingers Falls

“Dr. Weiss is the best veterinarian I’ve ever used. The #1 thing they do right is make you and your pet feel comfortable and at ease. You will never get better than this.”

–Lynn Johnson, Wappingers Falls

“I consider Airport Vet Center to be an excellent vet with great bed-side manner. Dr. Weiss always makes sure to explain everything so that you understand.”

–C.W., Fishkill